Update My Website Or Do I Leave It?

Update WebsiteQ: Do I need To Update My Website?

A:  Do you still have a business that is operating and you want to improve your turnover or increase your client base? Then the answer is yes. By making changes or adding content to your website, your site stays interesting and up to date.
Your customer comes first so it is important to keep them informed and therefore keeping them interested in continuing their business with you.

Q: How often should I update my website?

A: The short answer is often has you can because search engines like Google will ignore your page if it is not updated. And isn’t the objective to have your website seen by as many people as possible?  So it is important to perform at least some of the tasks that help you get seen in websites searches. I suggest you don’t add content for the sake of it.  Make sure it is relevant to your business that can lead to more customers!

Q:  Can I update the site myself or do I need to hire a programmer?

A:  Gone are the days when you need to hire someone to edit words on your website.  There a many CMS (Customer Manager Systems) now that are simple to use, as you don’t need to have any knowledge of coding.  WordPress is perhaps the most common, but there are many other companies now providing sitebuilders.  A couple of the most popular sitebuilders include Wix and Weebly. Whilst there are some limitations to sitebuilders they can be cost effective.

Q:  Should I just get a new website if I haven’t updated my site for ages? 

A:  That depends.  What is code was your website created in?  The technological advancements that have been made in website developments is huge.  If your site is old you may be missing out on some fabulous features.  So before you reinvent the wheel, your current website should be checked to see if it can be tweaked, or it would benefit totally from a complete overhaul and new site.