Is your site sitting there nice and pretty but you're not really making many sales?

Elements for Online Business

“Look I’ve got a website”!  “Here’s my business card with my website address”!  Great!  But while you run you’re business what is your website doing?  Is it working hard to increase your business?

Websites need to be updated and monitored.  I remember when websites really started to get popular and I was ask a business owner why they wanted a website. Common answers were ‘because I think I should have one‘, or ‘my opposition has one so I should have one too‘.  Often business owners didn’t really understood why they should have a website.

Today online sales have skyrocketed and now potential customers and clients ask the business owners if they have a website!  So it is common place and expected that a business has a website. But that means the competition is greater so your website must be up to date and have the ability to generate income.

So where do you start?  There are many things you can do to make your website generate sales and traffic and it isn’t always about spending money although there is no question it can help.  Who would think that Facebook would need to advertise, however they do spend money on advertising!

Websites are usually designed for two things:  Inform and educate people or to sell them a product or service. But no matter the reason, it needs to be easy to read, easy to navigate and be able to be viewed on desktop and laptop computers and on mobile devices.