Facebook for Business

Learn more about your business Faceboook fansHas everyone been telling you to advertise your business on Facebook? They’re right! And it is a great way to get new business out there even before you have a website, making it ideal for individuals like tour guides or consultants.

Facebook business advertising is incredibly powerful and very cost effective.  You do not need to buy any software as Facebook has all the tools you need.

Have you Created a Business Facebook Page?

To get you started, we can create your Business Facebook Page, and create a cover image to suit your business, your profile image or photo, and write the ‘about’ section.

You have already created a Business Facebook Page. But now what?

We teach you the elements of how to get people to like your business page.  There are some very powerful ways to write a post to engage people in your posts that will make a difference in increasing your likes.

Facebook Advertising is next.

This is where the fun really starts!  Firstly do not need to buy any Facebook Marketing software, as Facebook itself has all the tools you need – for free. The only thing you need to do is decide what you want to achieve and if there is more than one thing, then you could run multiple campaigns for each aspect.  Do you want to increase your audience by increasing your likes?  Do you want to sell something? Do you want to educate people?  Let us know what you want to achieve and we’ll guide you on the next steps including how to analyse your results.

You do have another choice.

We can set up your Facebook page or we can take over the management of the page which means you provide us with your ideas and what you want to post and we can do that for you. If you would like to run a complete Facebook Marketing Campaign, we can also set that up and manage it. Throughout the campaign we will provide you with feedback and full reports.

Our Cost to work with you for Facebook Business

Costs vary depending on what you need.  We can:

  • Do the set up of a new Facebook Business page
  • Continue setting up your page that you’ve started it
  • Optimise your existing Facebook Business page with ideal profile and banner photos
  • Teach you how to get started so then you run the page and set up campaigns on your own
  • Work with you for an hour every week for four weeks to set up a campaign with you, and teach you how to analyse the stats
  • Or we can do the lot!
  • Or whatever mix you need.

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