Do you know your online customers?

Do your online customers live locally or are they  out of town?  What pages do your customers visit on your website?  How long do they stay on a page? How did they find your website? How old are your customers?

All these questions can be answered from Google Analytics data. 

A simple code from Google Analytics is placed on your website which allows Google to track all the people that go to your site.  That information is broken down into many areas so you can understand what, when and how people come to your website.

Armed with that knowledge, you can target your customers in a way that will give them what they are looking for and therefore increase your profits.

Get insights and build a complete picture of your clients online shopping habits

By evaluating the behaviour of your customers through the many types of reports you will feel more in control of your business.

Our team are fully trained by Google and can therefore help you better understand how people are interacting with your site.

We will show you how visitors to your site travel from page to page, where they drop off and where they leave your site.  Was it before they placed an order for your products and services?  Or did they buy and become your customer?

Knowledge is power so we strongly advise don’t stay in the dark.  Get to know your customers.